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Planned Preventative Maintenance Services.

Maintaining optimal performance, always.

Maintaining your HVAC equipment with our professional Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) services allows you to significantly reduce your reactive maintenance needs and retain assets at their desired performance levels.

Often referred to as scheduled or planned maintenance, PPM ensures equipment and machinery is inspected or tested regularly, introducing a proactive approach to maintenance, and helping to prevent minor issues becoming potentially large and costly repairs that impact productivity.

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Our PPM services help clients across London and the South East mitigate the risk of business interruption caused by equipment failures by replacing worn components before they fail and carrying our regular servicing to safeguard prolonged use.

PPM servicing with LA Maintenance delivers several benefits to your business:

  • Our fully trained engineers visit at regular intervals to assess equipment performance and identify any potential issues in need of attention, either immediately or in the near future. Scheduled visits agreed in advance keep disruption to a minimum and allow a greater degree of planning.
  • Having your HVAC equipment and machinery regularly inspected will keep them in good working order, preventing the process of decay and degradation, enhancing productivity, and extending their operational usefulness.
  • Failures to your HVAC equipment can result in costly downtime while repairs or replacements are implemented but keeping on top of minor repairs though PPM will help avoid the large-scale repairs that cause significant business disruption.
  • PPM is more cost-effective, as servicing is scheduled in advance, rather than provided on an ad hoc basis as needed. Maintenance budgets can therefore be managed with greater accuracy and efficiency.
  • A PPM agreement with LA Maintenance gives you the peace of mind that professional engineers are looking after your HVAC assets and the flexibility to tailor a service to suit the needs of your business.

Our provision of consistently outstanding PPM services to clients over many years has secured us an enviable reputation within the HVAC industry as a friendly and professional partner – get in touch to discuss your needs and see how we can help your business.

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