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Precision Temperature Control Installation and Maintenance

Temperature controls

Effective temperature controls are essential in safeguarding the energy efficiency and cost effectiveness of your heating and cooling systems and we can help ensure you maintain desired performance levels while minimising the impact to the environment.

We work with our clients to optimise the indoor climate and air quality in their premises, having a positive effect on the way people feel and behave and contributing to enhanced productivity.

Working on projects in London and southern England for over 30 years has given us extensive knowledge and expertise in delivering consistent benefits to our clients through effective HVAC control:

  • Contributes to energy savings, thereby lowering operating costs and contributing to carbon reduction
  • Intuitive controls allow the ambient temperature to be increased or decreased at the touch of a button
  • Automation means systems can be programmed and need only operate when intended, removing any reliance on manual intervention to switch on and off
  • Digital control systems improve the accuracy and reliability of how a system can be operated and managed
  • Modern control systems can be controlled remotely, giving even more flexibility
  • Optimal temperatures can be tailored to specific areas of your premises, with the versatility to control individual zones or rooms a feature of modern control systems

Call a member of experienced member of our team to discuss your temperature control requirments.

Providing the perfect environment.

We are passionate about delivering against the needs of our clients while reducing the impact HVAC systems have on the environment. State-of-the-art temperature controls allow us to do that by striking the perfect balance between comfort, economy, and satisfaction.

We can achieve reductions in carbon emissions and lower energy consumption, delivering improved control over HVAC systems while reducing operating costs.

We thrive on personal relationships and developing trust with our clients. Our team work with you throughout your project from planning to installation and maintenance to ensure you are totally satisfied the temperature controls meet your needs.

We will work with you to:

  • Design HVAC control panels to your specifications
  • Complete the installation, including all necessary cabling
  • Perform system upgrades to improve the functionality and performance of your control system

Get in touch to discuss your project and find out how we can deliver the right solution.