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Expert Water Treatment Services

Water hygiene & treatment

Our specialist water hygiene and treatment services ensure water systems in commercial settings are maintained at optimal levels to preserve safety and safeguard efficient operations.

We have an established reputation of providing first-class knowledge and service, ensuring our clients across London and the South East can rely on an efficient and clean water system at all times.

Key water hygiene and treatment services include:

  • Tank Maintenance

    Regular cleaning and disinfection of water tanks is integral to maintaining water hygiene and needs to be carried out to reflect the needs of your business. Our services offer the regular emptying, cleaning, and disinfection of water tanks to preserve high water quality.

  • Chlorination

    This process adds chlorine to a water system to maintain a clean water supply by cleaning the system of bacteria as it travels through the tank and pipe network. Chlorination is a critical disinfection process to sterilize and protect water supplies from fatal diseases.

  • Legionella Risk Assessments

    Water borne bacteria including Legionella can contaminate a water system and become a life-threatening hazard, particularly in systems with infrequent use or that have been dormant for a period. Health and Safety at Work legislation and COSHH require premises with hot and cold water systems and air conditioning systems, among other features, to have assessments carried out at regular intervals.

  • Cleaning & Flushing

    Small valves in a water system can get blocked by debris or a build up of deposits, impacting water flow and system performance. Regular maintenance and specialist preventative treatments will help prevent these and reduce possible disruption.

  • Sampling

    Water from inside closed heating and cooling systems is analysed to ensure it remains free from corrosion, scale, and bacteria. Regular monitoring will highlight any issues and prevent failures or systems operating less efficiently than they should.

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Keeping your water system safe.

Maintaining good levels of water hygiene and bacteria through regular maintenance and treatments is a key component of your water system.

Poorly kept water storage tanks, old pipework, and neglected water systems can lead to contaminated water quality becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. Not only does this represent risks to safety, but it can also lead to equipment degradation and higher operating and energy costs.

We support clients in a variety of sectors across the south of England to ensure their water systems meet their requirements and those highlighted by health and safety regulations. Get in touch to discuss how we can support you.